Special Issue of "The Sociology of Power"

Call for papers: "Field research: Science beyond laboratories".

Field science is an area where many social, epistemological, and disciplinary-historical aspects intersect (see, in particular, the works of Raf de Bont, Lynn Nyhart, Ottmar Ette, and the thematic issue of Social Studies of Science. 2016. Vol. 46. Issue 6). In this case, "field research" and "field science" are understood as a complex of epistemological models, observational practices, and theoretical and empirical knowledge complexes that have a holistic character which is opposed—whether justified or not—to the experimental-analytical approach of laboratory science. There is a well-developed chronology of field science in Russia, documenting its scientific achievements in the histories of marine biological stations, nature reserves, and archaeological expeditions. In a special issue of this journal, it is proposed to produce a voluminous, interdisciplinary overview of the phenomenon of field science regarding its epistemological, social, political, and cultural implications. The latter have attracted increasing attention of social researchers such as, for example, Bruno Latour.

As part of this thematic issue, we propose to focus on the following main aspects of field science:

* Epistemology of field and laboratory science: similarities and differences in the history and context of the modern transformation of research technologies.

* Social and humanitarian field science: the history of its formation, changes in pragmatics, and research models.

* Social projections of field science: social practices of field researchers, scientific communication networks, political dimensions, field hospitals, and expeditions as agents for changing the life of territories.

* Field research in Russia: the history of scientific colonization.

* Aestheticizing field science: an expedition in art and popular culture.

Organization of work and deadlines:

1) Submit a short draft (about 5,000 characters in length) by March 1.

2) If the draft is accepted, the final text of the article is to be submitted by June 1 (the average volume is 40,000 characters, the maximum is 80,000 characters).

Information for prospective authors of the journal "Sociology of Power": https://socofpower.ranepa.ru/ru/author/avtoram

Executive Editor of the Special Issue: Vitaly Kurennoy (HSE, Moscow).