Darya V. Dimke, Irina Yu. Koryukhina

European University at Saint Petersburg; Irkutsk State University

Articles. Research

The Soviet model of extensive urbanization gave birth to specific types of settlements. Most distinctive is the urban settlement type (поселок городского типа, ПГТ), which combines features of a rural way of life and industrial production. In those settlements a specific type of community has formed, and its specifics revealed itself after the Soviet Union’s collapse. In 1990s while the urban settlement type slowly died, it became obvious that labour force import was at the same time the import of some structures that organized time and space of factory workers. This article deals with the mechanics of social decay that are pre-determined by colonization technology and the specifics of a community formed in the urban settlement type and exists till today.

Keywords: anthropology of time, communities, technologies of colonialism, post-colonialism, sociology of thing, Bruno Latour, class memory, Maurice Halbwachs, pauverty as life-world, de-industrialization.