Vladimir A. Mau

Moscow, Russia

Doctor of Economics (1994), PhD at Pierre Mendes France University (1999). Rector at RANEPA.

Author of more than 600 papers and 20 monographs, including «In Search of balanced development: From the History of Development of Soviet Economic Thought in the late 1930s – early 1960s.» (1990), «Economy and Power» (1995), «Economic Reform Through the Prism of the Constitution and Politics» (1999), «The Challenge of Revolution: Contemporary Russia in Historical Perspective» (2001), «Great Revolutions. From Cromwell to Putin» (in co-authorship with I. Starodubrovskaya, 2001) «Reforms and Dogmas: 1861 - 1929. Government and Economy in the Time of Reforms and Revolutions» (2013).